Frequently Asked Questions

At AutoMatch, we will finance every new or used vehicle, of any model. This will however depend on the borrower’s credit scoring, present income and other factors.

Down payment is preferred. The down payment shows to the lender that borrower too has willingly become a part of the risk. So a borrower is able to get better rate auto loans. However at Working Auto Loan, we can attempt to find auto loans without down payment as well.

Sure, you can easily go through the various deals organized for you. Request quote by completing the quote form on our website with the basic loan details. If you have loan quotes from numerous lenders you can review the terms before accepting them.

Used vehicles are very popular among the budget conscious people. We arrange many used car loans at competitive rates.

Sure! We help arrange many loans for borrowers with bad credit. These include bad credit auto loans, poor credit auto loans, bankruptcy auto loans, and bad credit auto financing.

No, the quotes that we will arrange are available for free. What’s more, if you do not like the terms of a quote by a particular lender, you are free to reject it. Accepting an offer of credit is never an obligation.

Yes, refinancing your auto loan is an option. If your lender allows early repayment, repay the unpaid value of loan with a refinanced auto loan and shift to a better rate now if one is available